Property Management: The Complete Spring Maintenance Checklist

Posted on May 14, 2021 7 min read

Don’t miss these key Spring Maintenance tasks

Spring is synonymous with new life, hope, and the return of natural beauty. The same should be true for your vacation home. That’s where Sea to Ski comes in with its spring maintenance property care services.

Your home is your haven and your asset. Regular seasonal maintenance should be a priority for any property manager caring for your home and your investment – both inside and out. Especially in a mountain town that lives for big winters with lots of snow. Unfortunately, the long ski days of bottomless powder that we crave are the same weather that can really take a toll on your home. At Sea to Ski, we’ve dialed in our spring maintenance lists, deep cleans, seasonal appointments with service technicians and vendors, and specialty projects that make your house a home. (Sea to Ski – On-site Services)

With that, we’ve compiled a list of spring maintenance and upkeep tasks for the interior and exterior of your home.



It’s no secret that the winter weather is harshest on the outside of your house. It’s important to tend to these tasks as things start to warm up.

Yard Clean-up + Landscaping

Regardless of the size or style of your landscape, it’s going to need some cleaning up once the snow melts and the ground thaws. Many vacation homeowners utilize landscaping services who offer spring clean-up as part of their package.

To make sure that all your bases are covered by any landscaping or yard service, ensure that dead and matted down grasses and debris are raked up. This will clear away rotting material and make space for new sprouts to grow. It’s also the optimal time to prune bushes and trees during the spring to stimulate new growth.

After the clean-up is completed, discuss next steps for any plantings or mulching. Depending on the weather, you may want annuals planted and beds mulched at the time of your clean-up. If there is still a threat of freeze, you may want to schedule that for a later date.

Get clear on what your landscaper offers and is capable of doing for your property. Do you know if spring clean-up  is included in your landscaping package? What else does the landscaper include with their services? At Sea to Ski, we handle all vendor management on your behalf. We’re your one-stop shop for all things home management. We’ll monitor and follow up with all vendor services, so you don’t have to. You’ll receive updates from your Personal Home Manager on the status of any and all projects and services performed at your home.

Decks, Exterior Siding + Patios

Wind, water and debris – freezing and thawing over the winter – will do a number on your home’s decks and siding. It’s important to clean off any residual debris and survey the wear and tear from the previous season.

After clearing away the debris, there is an opportunity to examine the condition of the decking or siding. Does it need any repairs or adjustments? Is anything beyond repair and in need of replacement? Does the deck or siding need staining or painting? Touch-ups or the entirety of the structure? Not only does this kind of maintenance keep your house looking its best, it helps preserve the integrity and extend the longevity of the structure.

Similarly, patios need a little T.L.C. After clearing any debris, assessing for and completing repairs, then it’s time to make those outdoor spaces livable again. Sea to Ski staff will carefully move the patio furniture out of storage and stage to the homeowner’s liking. Furniture and decorations will be covered and/or cushions stowed, only to be set up just ahead of your next arrival.

Garages, Driveways + Vehicles

Garages are the gateway to your home. They house your vehicles, store your gear… and they track in a lot of snow, grime, and salt in the winter. Cleaning throughout the winter helps keep this in check. Regardless, at the end of the season, they’re likely in need of a thorough cleaning and reorganization.

It’s also a good time to assess the needs of your garage accompaniments. How is the garage overhead door functioning? Generally, it is recommended that these be serviced every two years or so. Driveways bare the brunt of the elements and vehicle impact. Spring is a good time to re-apply a sealant to protect the driveway. Are there any vehicles? If so, could they use a detailing? Scheduled maintenance? Swap out the snow tires for summer / all-seasons? Spring is also the perfect time to get bikes and other equipment tuned up for summer adventures. Sea to Ski will happily coordinate your tunes, pick-ups and drop-offs, and prep any of your gear for the next time you’ll be getting out.

Annual System Checks + Certifications

Certain home systems require annual checks and certifications, depending on municipal and/or county regulations. In Park City, fire suppression and irrigation backflow systems require annual checks by official inspectors. If these are not completed during fall seasonal maintenance, it is essential to complete them in the springtime.

Dryer vents, fireplace and chimneys also should be cleaned and inspected for safety about once a year, depending on frequency of use.

At Sea to Ski, we make it our priority to track and monitor all aspects of your home’s systems and appliances, service records, annual certifications, and performance. We utilize a custom property management software to document any and all errands, maintenance, service, and inspections. This provides our Personal Home Managers with an entire facility history of your home from the point we begin managing the property. They can readily reference any documented work orders and building profile information on your home.



Sure, the outside of your home bares the elements but the inside is where most of the living happens. Especially during the winter season, when a lot of our living, entertaining, and enjoyment is forced indoors.

HVAC Checks + Service

With the change in seasons, comes a change in the systems we use to control temperature and make our homes comfortable. As we transition from heating to cooling, it’s important to schedule a service appointment with an HVAC technician to check the air conditioning and any house ventilation or air handlers. The sooner these systems can be serviced and filters replaced, any issues can be diagnosed and repaired, the sooner your home is ready for comfortable summer living.

Deep Cleaning

They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing. After keeping the house closed up for an entire season, tracking in the snow and dirt, recirculating the air… it’s time to open the windows and doors, air things out, and do a deep cleaning.

What is better than arriving back to a sparkling clean house? Our housekeeping teams are meticulous in their seasonal deep cleans. We vacuum behind furniture, detail stoves, clean out refrigerator and freezer condensers, scrub floors, hand-polish furniture, wipe down baseboards, dust high cabinets, ceiling fans and fixtures, and so much more. We offer a broad range of services customized to meet your needs. Including carpet cleaning by experienced professionals who use safe methods to treat your carpet.

Paint Touch-ups

Wear and tear happens. Paint touch-ups to walls, ceilings, baseboards and trim can repair scuffs and marks or simply freshen your home’s interior and make it look brand-new. Sea to Ski’s in-house maintenance manager and technicians are skilled painters and competent at a wide range of minor home repairs – during spring maintenance or anytime! Touch-ups at our client homes are a snap.


Spring is for renewal and making way for new growth and new adventures. At Sea to Ski Premier Home Management, we make sure our clients’ homes receive the seasonal maintenance and care they deserve. We treat your home like our own.