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HOA Management

Sea to Ski is the premier HOA Management service
in the Park City area.

After two decades of managing some of the most beautiful communities along the Wasatch Back, from gated communities to master-planned developments, we understand what it takes to not only maintain, but improve the value of your community. Sea to Ski knows HOA management in Park City.

Community Associations We Manage

Single-Family Homes

A structure maintained and used as a single dwelling unit, built on its own parcel of land.

Condominiums + Townhomes

A building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses.

Luxury Apartment Buildings

A type of apartment that is intended to provide its occupant with higher-than-average levels of comfort, quality and convenience.

Commercial Properties

Buildings and land that are intended for profit-generating activities rather than regular residential purposes.

Mixed-Use Properties

A type of a commercial property that includes both commercial and residential space.

Master Associations

An “umbrella” association that manages common areas shared by members of several different phases or sections of a large planned community, each governed by separate Sub-associations.

Developer-Controlled Communities

As new developments are being constructed, the developer establishes the initial HOA, governing documents, reserve fund, annual dues, etc. Developers also appoint the first board members, which often includes themselves or their employees.

Gated Communities

A residential area with shared amenities and roads that have gates to control the movement of traffic and people into and out of the area.

HOA management services currently provided (but not limited to) include:

We are strong believers in open lines of communications and transparent dialogue as there are many moving parts associated with HOA management.

Please contact us with questions to see if we can assist in your HOA management needs.