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Frequently Asked Questions

Sea to Ski | FAQ

We’ve put together some of the most common questions about Sea to Ski Premier Home Management, to give you more information.

This page offers help with better understanding our property management services, fees and billing, client relations and more.

•  Ongoing communication with client (calls, texts, email and e-blasts with important updates)
•  Vendor management – Communication and follow-up. Sea to Ski is your one-call source of information for all home projects and repairs.
•  Coordination of schedules – Client arrivals and departures, vendor appointments, cleaning needs, etc.
•  Review of weekly inspection reports 
•  Operating expenses and overhead
•  Priority access to our qualified vendors – Sea to Ski’s vendor list has been refined & vetted, so our clients don’t have to go through the learning curve
    – Due to our fifteen-year relationship with the top vendors in Park City, we find the overall quality of the job improves and potential issues are minimized. Our vendors perform high quality work because they know the value of Sea to Ski’s potential to feed them future business (i.e., more than just a one-time job with an out of state client).
•  Tracking and documentation of client home inspections, vendor appointments, service calls and asset history through FMX – Facilities Management Xpress platform to better manage your home.

YES. Sea to Ski carries $2,000,000 in general liability insurance coverage and all of our vendors carry their own general liability insurance.

YES. Sea to Ski is wholly focused on delivering premier property management services. For many property managers in town, management of your second home is not their only occupation or business activity. It is important to know whether your property manager has other commitments that could distract from the proper care of your second home.

Sea to Ski Property Management, LLC has been successfully serving our clients since July 2004.

•  We are not a nightly rental or lodging company. Our focus is on the well-being of your home and not how much money we can make by renting your vacation home.
•  Our attention to detail, high-touch service and level of communication with our client base sets us apart from other Park City property managers. In addition, we are one of only a handful of property managers who have actually owned second homes and have the ability to see things from the owner’s perspective. 
•  Our commitment to company culture and staff development have fostered a dedicated team of employees with very low incidence of turnover. We do not have seasonal employees.

Sea to Ski’s management contract is 30 days. We do not believe in forcing our clients to sign an annual or long-term commitment. If we are not adding value to the home and homeowner, we do not want our client’s feeling “locked in” to a relationship that is not beneficial to/for them.

The set-up fee covers the initial account entry by our staff, as well as the time we invest in understanding your home. That time includes:
•  Initial home assessment & inspection – learning and understanding the nuances of and assessing the overall property assets and their condition (appliances, roof, exterior, etc.)
•  Loading information about your home profile and appliances into our FMX management platform 
•  Input of your account and billing information into our system
•  Vendor notification and account set-up (snow removal, landscape maintenance, window washer, etc.)

The primary differences between Sea to Ski’s service levels include:
•  At the BRONZE service level, home inspections are not included in the monthly fee and are billed separately.
•  The service window for BRONZE homes generally occur Monday through Friday / ~ 9:00a to 5:00p, whereas our SILVER homes are 7 days a week / ~ 9:00a to 5:00p and our GOLD homes are 24-7/365.
•  Homes over 5,000 SF tend to be more complex and fall into our SILVER or GOLD service levels:
   –  Larger homes typically require a higher level of communication and involvement on our behalf.
•  SILVER and GOLD homes also include more hands-on involvement from Sea to Ski’s upper management.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

Staying ahead of COVID-19

While Sea to Ski still aims to maintain "business as usual," we have updated our operations to address the evolving crisis.